Thursday, December 29, 2011

A change of plans

While I don't intend to stop writing, I have decided to move in a new direction. I won't be applying to a Master's program at Concordia this year, although not due to poor grades. I got an A in my Milton class and an A- in my South Asian Literature class. I won't be applying because I got a full time job. I'm still going to finish the classes I've already signed up for, including Video Game Theory, and I might still apply for the Master's program next year, but I think this job is going to be much more valuable in the long run. I also think that I can continue writing and be successful at it without the Master's.

I began thinking about not applying for the Master's when I realized I would be competing for entrance with people who are already published. I've also had great feed back on my writing, both creative and academic, which is a confidence boost. My goal for 2012 is to get something published, probably with a small press, but possibly with a magazine.

There is writing in my new job as well, which is with a software company called Telax. It's technical writing and web content, but writing nonetheless.

Till next time.

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K+S+J said...

Life is full of changes in plans, you never know what lies around the corner :)

All the best of luck on your new path! Hopefully your new direction still includes writing on your blog, I always look for updates!!

Hope all is well in your corner of the world!