Sunday, June 19, 2011

Summer is hiding around the corner with a baseball bat, watch out!

Much has happened in the two months since I last added to this blog. My father and I rebuilt our rooftop terrace, I'm two months into full time French class, and the summer is in full swing. Oh yeah and the Boston Bruins won the Cup! I'll be sure to have a post up about that soon on my other blog,

My French is coming along, Kate says it's improved significantly, and I can finally understand what people are saying, most of the time. I'm signed up until September, and I'll probably continue into the fall, depends on my employment situation. Speaking of which, my freelancing is coming along. I have steady writing work with a telecommunications company and photography work for a soccer league. It's not enough to give up on a full time job search, but it might be by the fall. If so, and if not as well, I intend continue my schooling at Concordia.

I'm only two courses away from a French certificate, and I am looking to get into a Master's program. Unfortunately I have a fair amount of work to do before applying for a Master's program. For one, I only have a three year degree plus a handful of courses. I would be very close to the four year degree if all the classes were taken at the same school, but they weren't so there could be much bureaucratic crap to deal with. I'm hoping that  just having the equivalent will be enough. The other issue is my GPA from 13 years ago. I've already taken two English courses at Concordia and finished both of them with As, but they weren't English Lit classes, which it seems are the only classes counted when looking to get accepted into a Creative Writing Master's. So I could be looking at a year or two of English Lit classes before I apply for the Master's.   Thankfully, I like English Lit classes, and now that I've got some grammar training under my belt (which was always my biggest downfall) I should be able to pull As.

The cats are doing well for the most part. Princess, who has quite a lot of fur, is very lethargic when the mercury rises, and I'm afraid we haven't even come close to the temperatures we're going to see this summer. Go Global Warming! Charbonne has a very unfortunate skin problem. She has a bunch of little scabs and she's missing hair! Good for the heat maybe, but not for the soul. --Do cats have souls? I think they deserve to have them.--The vet said it's probably an allergy, but I've changed everything I could except the condo itself and no luck. At least she doesn't seem bothered by them.

My gym membership ran out, but I got a membership to the local pool (which happens to be where I take French classes too!). It cost 15 bucks for a year, expensive I know but the place is very new and clean so I figure it's worth it. We're back at it in my flag football league as well. I've switched to centre, which means I'm snapping the ball, it's tough but I'm getting it down. We're 2-2 and improving every game. My softball team's record is not quite as good. We're 0-8 or something. I'm one of the two pitchers on the team. We pitch underhand balls and strikes to the other team, very fun. I've only got one strikeout so far, but I also got one strikeout! I was quite surprised, it was a ten-pitch at bat too. It would be better if we won, but still I really like pitching.

Well that's the update for now, I'm off to write a couple case studies for that telecom company I mentioned.